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We are not the largest wrecker service in the state of Texas. Nor do we want to be. Being the biggest doesn’t mean you’re the best. DFW TOWS has a more personal relationship with our property owners and managers. We are a family owned and operated business. With over 50 years combined experience, our family and employees have the knowledge and experience to handle various towing situations. We are capable of towing any vehicle from a motorcycle to a loaded 18 wheeler. Commercial private property towing is our specialty. We are not on any police rotation list. We are strictly private property towing so you do not have to worry about being rated as a second priority customer. We also do not have towing agreements with trucking companies, mechanic shops, dealerships, or paint and body shops. If your current towing company has these agreements to tow broken down or wrecked vehicles, I am sure you will not be their priority. Again you will come second. With DFW TOWS you can rest assured you will come first. DFW TOWS believes we can provide a better service than our competitors due to our knowledge, dedication, and location.


Our services are customizable to each individual account. Our team will build the perfect service to fit your properties needs.


Is a service in which we will drive through your property day or night and tow for a specific reason and time.

e.g. Parking Permits, Fire lanes, Handicap, No Parking Zone, Wrecked/Inoperable, Leaking Fluid, Blocking Dumpster, Reserved, and Etc.

On Call

Is a service in which we only tow when you call us.

Sticker List

We offer this program to sticker your property for various reasons.

Flats, Inoperable, Expired Registration, etc.

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