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Our partnership with Parking Permits of America (PPOA) combines advanced features with ease of use, benefiting managers, visitors, and our team alike. We value PPOA’s commitment to data integrity and flexibility, aligning with our dedication to providing efficient, secure services in line with our shared values.

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Redefining Simple Parking Solutions

Interested in elevating your property management? Partner with DFW TOWS for seamless integration with PPOA. We handle all the onboarding and provide straightforward training for your staff. With easy-to-follow tutorials within your portal login, managing parking becomes more efficient and streamlined. Let us help you enhance your workflow and overall property efficiency.

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Excellence in Partnership

  • Exclusive Regional Partner: Proudly an exclusive PPOA partner in our area, setting a high standard in parking management services.

  • 7-Year Best in Class Winner: Honored as the Best in Class Towing Company by PPOA for seven consecutive years, a testament to our unwavering excellence.

  • Established PPOA Veterans: Effectively utilizing PPOA since 2017, we are established veterans in the online parking management space, continually adapting and excelling.

  • Innovators in Parking Solutions: Pioneers in integrating PPOA's innovative solutions, constantly enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of property parking management.

  • Committed to Excellence: Our long-standing partnership with PPOA underlines our commitment to delivering top-tier, reliable towing and parking services.

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The Extra Mile in Visitor Management

Understanding the need for ease and accessibility, DFW TOWS goes a step further by installing additional QR code signs at strategic locations. These signs, offered as part of our service, allow residents and visitors to quickly scan and access the PPOA registration portal, simplifying the parking experience. It's about adding value where it counts and ensuring a frictionless process for everyone on your property.

Unique registration codes for each property balance guest convenience with security. This approach allows residents to invite visitors while ensuring access is limited to authorized individuals, maintaining a secure and controlled community environment.

PPOA's system allows properties to set limits on visitor registrations, such as restricting to a certain number within a specific timeframe. This feature is designed to accommodate genuine visitors efficiently, while identifying and managing the presence of non-residents. It's a strategic tool for maintaining property integrity and resident satisfaction.

  • How long does it take to set up a program like this?
    Setup duration varies but typically takes less than a month, depending on the provided information and property availability.
  • Can I stop visitors from registering?
    Yes, properties can set limits on registrations within a certain timeframe, based on their specific rules.
  • Can I have multiple visitors codes?
    Yes, properties often use both free and paid registration codes, offering flexibility for visitors and potential revenue for the property.
  • What is the cost of this program?
    Parking Permits of America's cloud software is free. DFW TOWS provides all onboarding and training as a complimentary service.
  • How can you guarantee effective communication?
    At DFW TOWS, we understand the importance of reliable communication, and we've structured our services to ensure that it's a priority you won't have to worry about. Our dispatch team is available 24/7, ensuring there's always someone to respond to your needs, any time of day or night. In addition, each client is assigned a dedicated Client Success Expert who is not just a point of contact but a partner in managing your property's towing and parking needs. This expert is accessible through multiple channels - be it email, phone, text, or even in-person visits - to suit your preferred method of communication. Our trained staff are committed to providing timely, accurate, and helpful information. This robust communication system is designed to address your concerns proactively and keep you well-informed at all times.
  • My visitors say they can't register because there is already a pass. Why?
    This occurs if a pass is already registered. PPOA allows re-registration 1 hour before the existing pass expires, ensuring ample time for compliance.
  • How many permit types can I have for my property?
    PPOA offers various permit types as required, including open/resident parking, reserved spots, carports, and even corporate permits.
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